Press Releases

ELSA Malta announces its new board for 2016/17

On Monday the 12th of May 2016 at the National Council Meeting, The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) Malta elected its new National Board for 2016/17.

Bernice Saliba, previously Vice President for Academic Activities in the year 2015/16, has been elected as President with Nick Debono as Secretary General. Luca Balzan has been elected as Treasurer while Gigi Gatt will be fulfilling the role of Vice President for Marketing. Meanwhile, Francesca Hili will be carrying out the post of Vice President of Academic Activities and the post of Vice President for Seminars and Conferences will be fulfilled by Nicole Sultana. Finally, Maria Magro has been elected as Vice President for Moot Court Competitions while Michela Scerri will continue to fulfil the role of Vice President for STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme) for a second consecutive year.

This year, the ELSA Malta board appointed a relatively small number of directors, each carrying out a specific role within the organisation. Daniel Vella has been appointed as Director for Academic Affairs and Sarah Musu as Director for Seminars and Conferences. Furthermore, Andreas Vella was nominated as Director for Promotion with Laura Aquilina as Director for the International Focus Programme and Human Rights. Finally, Nicole Sciberras Debono has been appointed as Director for Social Policy and Legal Publications.

The recently elected board with the nominated directors aforementioned have already begun working on the academic as well as social jam-packed calendar of the scholastic year 2016/17 in the interest of all law students.