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ELSA Malta debates ‘The Right to Be Forgotten’ as part of ELSA Day celebrations

ELSA On the 26th of November, ELSA Malta celebrated ‘ELSA Day’, during which the entire ELSA Network, in cooperation with the Council of Europe, came together to raise awareness on Human Rights.

In-keeping with the spirit of ELSA, “A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity”, national and local groups created a unique forum of discussion in order to share different ideologies and promote Human Rights through a holistic approach.

The 26th of November 2014 marked the 3rd Edition of ELSA day, where over 70 events simultaneously took place all over Europe, in what is the largest international student cooperation on human rights.

Based on its current prominence and controversy in the international sphere, subsequent to the ECJ’s recent ruling, ELSA Malta decided to choose “The Right to be Forgotten” as its topic for discussion on ELSA day.

The debate took place at prestigious and historic National Library, where a number of speakers from different legal sectors presented and debated the issue.

On ELSA Day, ELSA Malta also celebrated 30 years of ELSA’s STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme).

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