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ELSA Malta welcomes Law Freshers

ELSA Malta welcomed law freshers during ‘The ELSA Law Freshers’ Drinks’ held on Saturday 6th September.

Being an active law student organisation, ELSA Malta renewed its commitment to law students every step of the way, and by means of this social event, ELSA Malta was able to get to introduce itself with a new crowd.

Being aware of the fact that this new experience might be both daunting and exciting for Law freshers, ELSA Malta is constantly committed to making freshers’ journey as smooth as possible, in order to provide them with a diverse and enjoyable experience at University.

Moreover, the ELSA law freshers’ drinks provided the opportunity to law freshers to get to know each other ina relaxed environment.

During the event, ELSA President Deo Falzon explained the upcoming social calendar and encouraged all those prosent to actively partake in the countless events and activities, both local and international, which ELSA Malta organises or promotes throughout the year.