Press Releases

ELSA Malta welcomes Parliament agreement to enact historic bill reforming Judiciary appointments.

ELSA Malta is pleased to see that Parliament has unanimously agreed to enact a bill which seeks to impose further scrutiny and transparency in the way judiciary appointments are made. ELSA Malta believes that such scrutiny is the most practical way to satisfy both the judiciary’s rights as well as the people who are subject to adjudication – to truly recognise that justice is not only being done, but that it is seen to be done.
ELSA Malta has always been strongly in favour of such reforms, having also published a Proposal Paper entitled ‘Constitutional Reform: The Way Forward’ a few months ago, specifically proposing such amendments.
Nonetheless, ELSA Malta stresses the importance that although these reforms are certainly a step forward to a more efficient judiciary, the fundamental principles of the separation of powers must be respected and ultimately enhanced to surely provide a just, fair, and democratic system.
ELSA Malta reiterates its commitment to be at the forefront of such debates ensuring the student’s best interests, protecting fundamental human rights as well as the bettering of the legal profession.