Press Releases

ELSA Malta’s position regarding fifth year law students’ situation.

In light of today’s discussion between the Dean of the Faculty of Laws & the 5th year students, where ELSA Malta was present, we strongly believe that the student’s concerns are not being given the required & deserved attention by all of the authorities.
ELSA Malta reiterates it’s commitment to be of support to every law student and effectively represent all student’s interests. ELSA Malta has been in communication with other student organisations to simultaneously and in collaboration take up these concerns with the Hon. Minister Owen Bonnici. Discussions are still ongoing. We will continue to work for the matter to be resolved as soon as possible and with certainty.
Our sole interest is that all 5th year students get what they were promised once they entered into the course of Laws. We will continue pursuing this issue in the coming weeks with great effort and detail and will, as always, represent all student’s plight in the best way possible.