Press Releases

Former ELSA Malta President appointed to ELSA International

Former ELSA Malta President Karl Tanti has been appointed to ELSA International for the year 2014-2015. He will be occupying the post of Director for Public Relations.

Karl Tanti was President of ELSA Malta from 2013 up until July 2014.

ELSA International is based in Brussels and consists of a team of law students and young lawyers. It’s role is to coordinate ELSA’s network, comprising of over 38,000 law students and young lawyers in 42 European countries, represented in around 300 law faculties across Europe in over 300 Local Groups of ELSA that all work for the aims and activities of the Association.

In a short statement following the announcement, Dr. Karl Tanti said that he looks forward to working with the International board and all other Directors and Assistants of ELSA International.