International Conferences

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International Committee Meeting (ICM)

This is the biggest statutory internal meeting of ELSA, with an attendance of around 400 law students, young lawyers and alumni members of the organisation. ELSA Malta is proud to say that it organised the 65th ICM last March after winning the bid to host it. Moreover, ELSA Malta will be hosting the 69th ICM in Spring 2016.

During an ICM participants meet up to discuss and take important decisions concerning the regulations of ELSA. The ICM consists of a weeklong conference that includes plenary sessions, daily workshops so as to discuss the mentioned topics in the plenaries as well as daily social events and the night long parties ELSA is famous for.

The next ICM will be held next October in Batumi, Georgia. If you’re interested in coming to the next ICM with us in March contact us. 

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International Presidents Meeting

The International Presidents’ Meeting is the international, biannual, statutory meeting of ELSA, where each of its national groups can send representatives to. The IPM is held twice yearly during which the workshop sessions discuss the implementation of new goals and the process of the development in the Local Group. Apart from workshops the attendants participate in a number of Training sessions and evaluation meetings.

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ELSA Delegations

ELSA Delegations are the unique opportunities to represent ELSA during the most important sessions of the main international organisations and the meetings of other international partners. ELSA or ELS members, who have applied for the ELSA Delegation and have been appointed by the International Board, will sit next to national delegates and representatives of the most important NGOs, will experience, as observers, how decisions and policies are created at international level and will deepen their knowledge on relevant discussed issues. These organisations include UNESCO, WIPO, UNESCOSOC, UN Human Rights Bodies, Council of Europe, INTA and UNCITRAL.

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ELSA Moot Court Competitions

A Moot Court Competition is a simulated hearing or court proceeding. Participants need to prepare written submissions to a fictitious case and present the parties in oral pleadings in front of an expert Jury. The term “Moot” comes from a term in the past where assemblies gathered to discuss certain issues. Moot Courts exist in every area of law and can last from one day to one year.

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Supporting Area Meeting

This is an international meeting for all Secretaries General, Treasurers and Marketers. During the SAM officers take part in related workshops, seminars and discussions.

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Key Area Meeting

This is an event for all Academic Activities’, Student Trainee Exchange Programme’s and Seminars and Conferences Officers. During the KAM officers have the opportunity to share their knowledge and ideologies so as to achieve better co-operation.