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The 2014 edition of the Deloitte Tax Bundle

Deloitte Malta recently launched the 2014 edition of the Deloitte Tax Bundle – a selection of Malta’s tax laws and related guidance.


Since its introduction in 2012, the Deloitte Tax Bundle has proved to be an extremely useful tool in facilitating access to source legislation underpinning the complex field of taxation.


Published with the kind permission of the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, The Deloitte Tax Bundle is aimed at students, academics and finance professionals with an interest in, or exposure to tax matters – making it possible for them to access relevant data as and when required.


The publication is being distributed free of charge.

A comprehensive online version of the Deloitte Tax Bundle is also available at The online version contains additional secondary legislation and schedules, and is updated periodically. Users of the Deloitte Tax Bundle are urged to subscribe online at, so as to keep themselves updated.


“Deloitte is committed to stimulating learning and promoting quality,” said Marc Alden, Tax Service Line Leader at Deloitte Malta. “The 2014 edition of the Deloitte Tax Bundle is a small contribution to this ongoing commitment.”