The ELSA Malta Travel Fund

Guidelines for the ELSA Malta Travel Fund

The application has to be sent to ELSA Malta Travel Fund Board of Directors (hereinafter the ‘Board’) by not later than 6 weeks before the start of the event or activity that the grant is applied for.


The purpose of the ELSA Malta Travel Fund (hereinafter ‘EMTF’) is to financially support members of ELSA Malta who pursue international opportunities provided by the European Law Students Association (hereinafter ‘ELSA’), any of its associated bodies, namely ELSA National Groups and ELSA Local Groups, and any of its partners, including but not limited to the various ELSA Law Schools organised all across Europe, ELSA Delegations, Study Visits, STEP and Moot Courts.

The application form is used to apply for an EMTF grant. Such form is annexed to these Guidelines.

The process of applying for an EMTF grant is the following:

  1. Submitting the application form to by not later than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the event or activity.
  2. A decision of the Board of Directors of the EMTF shall be made within 3 weeks after the successful receipt of the application. The decision shall be communicated to the applicant within 2 days of the date of decision. The decision could be an acceptance, refusal, acceptance with limitations or conditions, or a request for the applicant to rewrite the application in part or in whole.
  3. Submitting a detailed Financial Report of the event or activity, listing all the expenses incurred by the applicant pursuant to the event or activity that such applicant has applied for, along with a copy of all the receipts of the listed expenses within 4 weeks of the conclusion of the event or activity.
  4. Receipt of the grant within 4 weeks after the Board of Directors has accepted the Financial Report.

When considering an Application, the Board of Directors will take into account:

  1. Fulfilment of the applicant’s status as an ELSA Malta member.
  2. Previous involvement of the applicant in ELSA Malta, including but not limited to: participation in ELSA Malta events, being part of ELSA Malta Organising Committees, contributing to the ELSA Malta Law Review and contributing or helping with ELSA Malta events
  3. The quality of the submitted application form
  4. The quality of the activity or event itself
  5. The effect that financially supporting the applicant will have on ELSA Malta in relation to the ELSA network
  6. The current resources available to the EMTF

Due to the limited financial resources of the EMTF, the maximum amount allocated to one applicant shall not exceed €150.

In case of any queries, please contact our Treasurer on

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ELSA Malta Travel Fund Application Form.