ELSA Malta Law Review Edition IV


1. Aquilina Kevin, ‘Can the Maltese Citizenship Act, 2013 be the Subject of an Abrogative Referendum’, Dean of the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta


2. Azzopardi Sarah Louise, ‘The Single Supervisory Mechanism – The First Step towards a Banking Union’

3. Bonnici Ruth, ‘Government Litigation Privileges in Malta – Is the Right to a Fair Hearing at Risk’

4. Carli Cecilia, ‘Design and Trade Dress – The Importance of Appearance – A Comparative Perspective within Europe and Beyond’

5. Caruana Claudio, ‘The Legal Nature of Domain Names’

6. Cassar Charles, ‘Virtual Currencies – Risks and Regulations in Malta and Other Jurisdictions’

7. Chongchuwanich Sippakorn, ‘The Changing Trends – The Wider Interpretation of the Principle of Non-Refoulement in the Case of Hirsi Jamaa et al v Italy’ –

8. Costello Roisin Aine, ‘If I Should Fall Behind. An Examination of Constitutional Guarantees of Socio-Economic Rights’

9. Micallef Denis – A Legal Analysis of the Limitation of Liability of Classification Societies – Denise Micallef

10. Milan Sykora, ‘Management of Gas Transit Disputes in the Euro-Asian Region’

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