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ELSA Malta reacts to an alleged harassment report by a law student

ELSA Malta believes that swift publication of any measures taken against those found guilty of such conduct would probably go a long way in easing concerns, whilst dragging feet would negatively affect students. This position is held whilst reaffirming that ELSA will not be making big claims and go as far as stating that all meetings between students and lecturers should be held in public; so as to avoiding such incidents – as such behaviour is clearly exceptional.

ELSA reaffirms that it is not at liberty to comment on the case at hand or divulge any sensitive information due to its pendency, however, the fact that there was a delayed action was due to the fact that the student had no faith that in making her complaint it would be completely shielded from the person in question; doubting that this is solely characteristic of the Faculty of Law.

ELSA believes that the fact that a complaint may not be made anonymously but in the form of a personally signed letter naturally contributes to tis fear of possible retribution academically or otherwise, however this is hardly only the case at university level as whistleblowing is a national even global dilemma.

A review of conduct is required from the faculty’s side to ensure that such an incident or occasions capable of giving rise to such incidents is not repeated.