ELSA Summer Law Schools

Isaac Zammit is a 5th Year Law Student who decided to benefit from ELSA’s Summer Law School programme and with the help of the KSU Research and Development Grant he went to 2 Summer Law Schools this summer!

My ELSA Summer

My summer was characterized by two ELSA Summer Law schools, those held in Brescia and San Sebastian respectively. I came to know about these Summer Law schools last March, thanks to ELSA Malta, where they also held an informative meeting back in April.

As soon as I was informed about these Summer Law schools I found these opportunities intriguing and applied for those that interested me the most. After being accepted for four Summer Law Schools I decided to go to the one in Brescia but thanks to the KSUs Research and Development grant, I decided to attend the one in San Sebastian as well.

The first SLS took place in Brescia, Italy, between the 3rd and 10th of July. The subjects tackled were Unification and De-codification of Codes and the impact of Roman Law on Italian and Chinese Law. For this SLS we were a class of around 25 students, all coming from different countries. Apart from the academic programme which took place in the morning, ELSA Brescia also organised a great social programme where we had the opportunity to visit Lago di Garda, Verona and Gardaland amongst others. The ELSA Brescia SLS was a wonderful experience and as soon as I returned back to Malta I was already eagerly waiting for my next SLS.

My second SLS this time was held in San Sebastian, which is found in the Basque region in Spain, between the 2nd and 10th of August. Around 40 students were accepted for this SLS from all around Europe and it dealt with Competition Law. Lectures were held in the morning till the afternoon, and then a jam packed social programme was prepared for us by ELSA Deusto. We had the opportunity to try the Pintxos (Basque tapas) and stroll on Zarautz’s never ending sandy beaches. Moreover, I had the opportunity to try surfing which made my experience in San Sebastian unforgettable.

A common thing about these two exchanges was the new experiences and friends that I made. The most common phrase in our goodbyes was;

 “If you ever visit my country in the future make sure to contact me and I’ll show you around myself!”

After sharing my experiences with you, I hope that a lot of Law students are encouraged to apply for these ELSA Summer Law schools. Apart from great academic programmes, it is an experience in itself, which enriches you and gives you the opportunity to meet other Law students from all around Europe.

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