European Law Students' Association Malta

Edition II

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Introductory Comments

1. Foreword by Professor Kevin Aquilina, Dean of the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta

2. Foreword by Professor Peter G. Xuereb, Head of the Department of European and Comparative Law and Patron of the ELSA European Union Law Essay Competition

3. Editorial by Clement Mifsud Bonnici, Editor in Chief of the ELSA Malta Law Review


4. Aquilina, Prof. Kevin, ‘The Public Law Aspects of Maltese Divorce Law’

5. Avellino, Roberta, ‘State Responsibility for Trafficking In persons and Human Rights Violations’

6. Azzopardi Annalies, ‘The Contribution of EU Directives to the Objective of Consumer Protection’

7. Bartolo Daniela, ‘Access to Cross-Border Health Care in the European Union: Implications for Malta’, Winner of the ELSA Malta European Union Law Essay Competition

8. Bugeja George, ‘Universal Banking and the Return of ‘Glass-Steagall’

9. Buttigieg Christopher, ‘An Evaluation of the Theories and Objectives of Financial Regulation Post the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis: A European Perspective’

10. Capilli Giovanna, ‘The Proposal for a Regulation on Common European Sales Law: Outline of Regulatory Impact on Sales Guarantees Introduced by Directive 99/44/EC

11. Fabri David, ‘Transposing the Consumer Protection Acquis at Pre-Membership Stage: Current Candidate States and Others’

12. Looringh-van Beeck Kim, ‘Fishing for Sustainable Solutions: Towards a Communal System of Rights Allocation’

13. Pham Dee, ‘The Legislative and Institutional Structure of EU Electronic Communications Regulation’

14. Van Cleynenbreugel Pieter, ‘Judicial Protection Against EU Financial Supervisory Authorities in the Wake of Regulatory Reform’


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