European Law Students' Association Malta

Edition III

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Introductory Comments

1. Foreward by Dr. Austin Bencini, Head of Department of Public Law, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta

2. Foreward by Dr. Simone Borg, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta

3. Editorial by Nicola Jaccarini, Editor in Chief of the ELSA Malta Law Review


4. Funghi Giulia & Rosano Alessandro, ‘Shadow lines and scapegoats: medical criminal liability in Italy in the framework of national and international medical guidelines’

5. Grech Emma, ‘The Role and Obligations of Non-Executive Directors under Maltese Law’

6. Miggiani Kristina, ‘Towards Universality and Uniformity: Combating The Jurisdictional Challenges Facing The Prosecution Of Somali Pirates’

7. Mizzi John-Claude, ‘Should a Council of State be established in Malta?’

8. Sang Oscar, ‘The Separation of Powers and New Judicial Power: How the South African Constitutional Court Plotted Its Course’

9. Stefankova Iveta, ‘International Regulation v National Regulation on Offshore Oil Exploitation – The USA as an Example’

10. Testa David, ‘Liability and Insurance for the Carriage of Passengers by Sea under Regulation 392/2009: Providing a Lifeline to the Cruise Industry and Ensuring Proper Compensation for Passengers in the Event of Accidents’ – Winning essay of the first ediction of the IMLI Essay Competition

Case Comments

11. Mifsud Ivan, ‘Said v Commissioner of Police and the role of the Administrative Review Tribunal as a forum for review of administrative action’

Legal Updates

12. Azzopardi Myrna, ‘The Tallinn Manual on the International Law applicable to Cyber Warfare: A brief introduction on its treatment of Jus ad Bellum norms’


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